A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

in auf you control elevator(s) to bring different people from one floor to another

it's an action-puzzle / management game

if people wait for too long, they get angry and explode

when the third person explodes, the building will be shut and your carreer as an elevator manager will end

but you can try it as often as you want with different buildings with different amounts of floors and structures (WIP tho)

Placeholder Art was made by spicyboy Jon (THANKS A THOUSAND TIMES)

watch it being developed at twitch.tv/spookyfistpump

Install instructions

EXTRACT & PLAY!  Have fun


AUF for Android 14 MB
AUF for Windows 10 MB
AUF for Mac 28 MB
AUF for Linux 32-bit 13 MB
AUF for Linux 64-bit 11 MB

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