Major Bugfix + Combo Bars

Some people have reported that their clients crashed while playing the game - that bug is fixed now!

I have added a new system which conditions to play the game better: Combo Bars!

If you score

  • 10 2x Combos, you'll get 100 Coins (called Points before)
  • 10 3x Combos, you'll get one healthpoint

I think it's a really cool system to give experienced players even more possibilities to play the game on a more advanced level.

Other than that, many many visual things have been removed, added, changed and whirled up into a whole new AUF.

Thanks for ikazaplayz_ for coming up for the new game over label "DON'T GIVE AUF", I really really like that one!

I'll stream and update the game every day until monday when it finally releases in the Google Play Store! Check it out if you want to


AUF for Android 14 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AUF for Windows 10 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AUF for Mac 28 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AUF for Linux 32-bit 13 MB
Apr 27, 2018
AUF for Linux 64-bit 11 MB
Apr 27, 2018


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