Stats / Balancing Update

Hello! Another day, another patch! Today we have made so much progress, I can't even believe it! Let's have a look:

  • Bugfixes
    • Unpausing with "P" now removes the "Pause" Popup
    • Animals will wait for a fraction of a second before entering the elevator (to prevent false entries)
  • New Stats on Results-Screen
    • Type of Animals transported
    • Amount of Combos achieved

  • Balancing the spawning pattern for the animals

Thanks for Kryphonix for helping me out chosing english words, it's hard you know

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Apr 17, 2018 24 MB
Apr 17, 2018



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nice a godot game. <3. Hope you enjoy godot. The reason I know its godot because of the button.

shipwreck, the game I made with using godot too. Used theming to make the godot buttons any texture I want.

Yes I do love Godot! Yeah the Godot buttons are very recognisable haha, they'll change eventually. Other than that, Godot has just such a cozy workflow, I couldn't think of using any other engine to make (serious) games anymore.